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Step and Store’s range of Gloves are all CE Marked to meet the highest health and safety standards, making sure your hands are protected from harsh environments with a variety of specialised materials.

The Benefits

Have the right glove for any situation as Step and Store’s range maximise grip, airflow and comfort. With their specialised materials the key to keeping your hands protected against heavy duty equipment and outside contaminants.

Glove Uses

Our range of gloves have a multitude of uses; suitable for handling machinery, chemicals and pesticides, wet or cold environments both indoor and out.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Gloves can fit any requirement.

Optimise comfort with Step and Stores seamless cut Matrix F Grip and Reflex Thermal Gloves. The elastic wrists of our Honeywell Dex Grip and Criss-Cross Gloves provide a more tailored fit.

Improve air flow with the breathable PU coating of our Matrix P Grip Gloves or the ventilated back of our Reflex Thermal Gloves, both with excellent grip for handling sharp tools. Our flexible and antiperspirant Criss-Cross Gloves are ideal for PVC protection.

Uphold hygiene and help the environment with Step and Store’s biodegradable Blue Grip Gloves - coated with a natural latex with built in fungicide and bacteriostat making them ideal for both laboratory and gardening use.


Are they CE Marked?

Yes, Step and Store’s entire range of gloves are CE Marked for conformity to health, safety and environmental protection standards.

What does conforms to EN 388 and EN 511 mean?

Our Criss-Cross, Blue Grip, Matrix P and Matrix F Gloves all conform to EN 388 - the standard for protection against mechanical risks. While our Reflex Thermal Gloves are made to the EN 511 - the standard for protection against the cold.

How materials are they made from?

Our Honeywell Dex Grip & Blue Grip Gloves are both made with a cotton knit and coated in latex. While our Matrix F Grip Gloves are coated foamed nitrile coating and our Matrix P Gloves have a PU coating.

What sizes do they come in?

Step and Store's gloves range are available in sizes 8-10.

What colours are available?

A smart white and grey make up our Reflex Thermal and Matrix Gloves. Or have your gloves stand out with our range of knitted gloves available in blue or orange.