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Step and Store’s range of Protection Wear guards against hazards within the workplace. With ear protection for noisy environments, face masks against contaminants and head and eye wear for impact protection.

The Benefits

The highest standards for health and safety are met with Step and Store’s range of Protection Wear. Our specialised designs match comfort with safety and are made to be durable, hygienic, flexible and easily stored to give you all-in-one products that help protect your face.

Protection Wear Uses

Our range of Protection Wear has a multitude of uses; suitable for construction and medical industries as well as home use.

Our Range

Step and Store’s range of Protection Wear can fit any requirement.

Prioritise comfort with Step and Store’s Standard Folding Mask - soft, lightweight and with adjustable straps to fit all faces, including a fold flat design for easy storage. While our Panoview Specs help to prevent them sliding off when protecting against low energy impacts.

Combine equipment with ease as Step and Store’s EVO2 Helmet can be worn with visors, thermal helmet warmers and ear protection. Such as our J-Muffs - whose swivel feature allows them to be worn under hard hats and other headwear.

Have long lasting ear protection with Step and Store’s range of ear plugs. The patented headband of our Hygienic Ear Plugs help stop contamination. Comfort is key with our polyurethane foam Delta Plus Conic Ear Plug, whose material ensures long time wear.


What materials are the ear protectors made from?

A comfortable polyurethane makes up our Conic Ear Plugs, while our J-Muff Ear Muffs are made with polystyrene cups filled with acoustic foam.

How many colours are available for the EVO2 Helmet?

Step and Store’s EVO2 Helmet offers up to 4 colours - blue, red, yellow and white.

How many are available in a packet?

Our Hygiene Ear Plugs and Conic Ear Plugs both come in packs of 10. While our Standard Folding Masks are sold in packs of 20.

What is EN 166 and EN 149?

Our M9800 Panoview Specs are EN 166 certified - a high standard of durability that all safety glasses are required to meet.

While our Standard Folding Mask is EN 149 certified - meeting high standards for filtration and coverage.