Sorbent Rolls & Socs

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Sorbent Rolls & Socs

Step and Store’s range of Sorbent Rolls & Socs are designed to absorb and contain a variety of hazardous spills within the workplace - specifically catering to industrial/heavy duty environments.

The Benefits

Highly-absorbent, easy to use, and can also be tailored to your space - Step and Store’s Sorbent Rolls and Socs are perfect for keeping your premises dry and safe for both your equipment and your workers.

Sorbent Rolls & Socs Uses

Our range of Sorbent Rolls & Socs have a multitude of uses; ideal for factories, warehouses and other industries that need protection against regular or hazardous spills within their working environment.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse range of Sorbent Rolls & Socs can fit any requirement.

Save costs as the chemical insert of Step and Store’s Chemical Sorbent Rolls are designed to last by not degrading or causing a dangerous reaction when liquid is absorbed. Our Maintenance Sorbent Rolls offer a perforated version that keeps waste to a minimum and is excellent for abrasion resistance.

Tailor your protection with Step and Store’s range of Sorbent Socs, designed to be incredibly flexible so they can tightly fit around all different types of machinery, corners and curves. The product protects your floor by quickly absorbing the spill and containing it away from the centre of the area.

Prioritise a handy and quick clean-up with our range of Sorbent Rolls, their smaller and individual towels design work best for minor spills, keeping them ready in storage areas to catch quick spills across the entire premises. Our Oil Sorbent Rolls are ideal for catching overspray from machines and absorbing oil and petroleum based liquids.


What type of spills can they absorb?

Step and Store’s range of Sorbent Rolls and Socs are suitable for cleaning up oil, chemical, water, solvent or coolant spills.

How much liquid can they absorb?

Our range of Sorbet Socs can clean up around 43-45 litres of liquid. Our Sorbent rolls have a higher absorption rate, running from 75 litres to 192 litres.

Are there multiple lengths and sizes available?

Yes, each of Step and Store’s rolls offer multiple sizes so you can find the right fit. The Maintenance Sorbent Rolls offers Perforated and Non-Perforated options.

Are the rolls sold separately?

Our Chemical and Oil Sorbent Rolls are available either as a separate roll or within a dispenser box.