Safety & Security Mirrors

Safety & Security Mirrors

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Safety & Security Mirrors

Step and Store’s range of Safety & Security Mirrors offer a simple and quick solution for added security to your premises. Manufactured from Acrylic rather than glass allows the mirrors to be curved, optimising your field of vision with a panoramic view.

The Benefits

Safety & Security Mirrors act as a low cost, attractive and permanent solution for helping you see while you work. Reflecting any corner or passageway, all areas can be monitored under your supervision. Easy to install and hard to break, Step and Store’s Mirrors are the go-to option for any added security.

Safety & Security Mirrors Uses

Our range of Safety and Security Mirrors have a multitude of uses; ideal for shops, offices and warehouses. Any indoor premises that require simple and effective security in specific areas.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Security Mirrors can fit any requirement.

Handle security with ease as Step and Store’s Mirrors are lightweight, scratch resistant and easily fixed to walls and floors allowing you to effortlessly change the position of your mirror to suit exactly to your needs.

Feel safe in every nook and cranny, in every corner or corridor with Step and Store’s wide range of mirrors. Offering a variety of panoramic views - from 90 to 360 vision.

Enjoy choice as our range of Security Mirrors offer multiple sizes, with at least three sizes available with each of Step and Store’s Panoramic Range. Our Circular Internal Security Mirror has up to six different sizes to choose from.


Are different sizes available?

Each of Step and Store’s mirrors provides a wide range of size choices. Our Panoramic 360 Mirror is available in five different diameters.

Where can the mirrors be placed?

Our range of Panoramic Mirrors can be fixed onto walls, floors or a combination of both. Our Circular Internal Security Mirror has the ability to hang, or be fixed on walls and posts.

What materials are the mirrors made out of?

Step and Store’s range of mirrors are made from Acrylic, making them lightweight, shock resistant and easy to fix into place.

What is the highest maximum observation from the mirrors?

Step and Store’s Circular Internal Security Mirror has up to an impressive 11m maximum observation. Our Panoramic Mirror range has up to around 6 to 8m maximum observation.