Signs & Symbols

A selection of our best selling safety signs to help you protect your workplace. Available in rigid plastic or self-adhesive vinyl.

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Signs & Symbols

Step and Store’s Signs & Symbols are a classic way of informing employees and customers of the correct health and safety procedures. With bold, simple text and bright colours, our range can be clearly understood by all. Providing a consistent form of communication across your premises.

The Benefits

Communicate effectively with our range of Signs & Symbols. Step and Store’s dynamic designs are eye catching, clear and quickly understood. Made with a rigid plastic, these signs are durable and suitable for the outdoors - saving time and resources in replacing them. The ideal solution for feeling confident that important information is always available and reaching the right people.

Signs & Symbols Uses

Our Signs & Symbols range has a multitude of uses; ideal for any workplace needing to highlight health and safety, from the office to construction.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Signs & Symbols can fit any requirement.

Optimise communication around the workplace with our range of Construction Signs. Clear and coherent in design, our three colourful sets encompass all the necessary information you’ll require to keep your premises safe and everyone else informed.

With twenty-one options available you’ll be able to keep your signage consistent throughout the workplace with Step and Store's range of Washroom Symbols & Signs. Our inclusive range includes washing instructions, standard to disbaled, gender and directions.

Keep up with Health and Safety with Step and Store’s Health & Safety Poster. A legal requirement that is easy to read, understand and most importantly certified for its authenticity. Made with biodegradable materials, improve the health of your employees and of the environment.


Are custom signs available?

Yes. Can't find what you're looking for? Then simply get in touch with Step and Store to design your own sign.

What types of Signs & Symbols are available?

Step and Store’s range of signs and Signs provide health and info protection in form of wall signs, posters and floor stands.

We offer signage for fire safety, general health & safety for office or construction spaces and a wide range of washroom signs & symbols.

What materials are they made of?

Our sign selection is available in a rigid plastic or self-adhesive backing for easy application.