Salt Spreaders

For fast and effective gritting, choose from the Step and Store winter products range of salt spreaders. These push-along gritters are ideal for use with rock salt or ice melt and offer a low maintenance solution for coverage over wider areas.

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Salt Spreaders

Keep snow and ice at bay with the incredible range of salt spreaders. Our light duty salt spreaders are an essential part of your health and safety winter equipment. The upright spreaders allow for easy, equal and level distribution of salt and ice melts around your warehouse, office, store, school or factory. 

Snow Days at Work

Overnight frost on winter mornings is easily avoidable with our range of salt spreaders. Keeping pathways and roads clear of ice is essential for the safety of staff, customers and visitors moving around your facilities and sites during winter. 

As well as our impressive range of manual salt spreaders, we offer an extensive range of winter safety equipment from grit bins to manual snow ploughs.