Labels, Stickers & Pockets

Signs and labels are ideal for categorising, highlighting safety precautions, and displaying important information. As well as offering standard, universal signs and labels that are easily recognised, we offer coloured strips, numbers, letters, magnetic labels, and self-adhesive signs.

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Labels, Stickers & Pockets

Step and Store’s wide range of Labels, Stickers & Pockets are the ultimate resource for keeping any area informed and safe. Simple, quick and effective products that reduce hassle when marking up, highlighting or restricting any piece of information.

The Benefits

Attention to detail, ability and willingness to keep areas safe and up to date will always be valued and allow you to show off the high standards within your business. Step and Store’s Labels, Stickers & Pockets offer a wide range of options to achieve this. From tailoring to size, orientation, colour and application, alongside a multitude of specific symbols.

Labels, Stickers & Pocket Uses

Our range of Labels, Stickers & Pockets have a multitude of uses; ideal for any business or premises in need of highlighting important information and overall health and safety.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse selection of Labels, Stickers & Pockets can fit any requirement.

Promote health and safety with our wide ranging and vibrant Labels, Stickers & Pockets. Step and Store’s Floor Graphic Markers have over 30 variations to help fit any area or requirement.

Enjoy versatility with our wide range of Labels, Stickers & Pockets. Choose between a magnetic or self-adhesive backing and a range of sizes with our Industrial Strength Clear Pockets that suit A3-A7 both in vertical and horizontal - Step and Store’s Floor Signals come in seven different colours.

Keep up to date with Step and Store’s Magnetic Easy Wipe Racking Strip, a cost effective product updating system ideal for any fast-paced business. Or our range of Label Holders provide instant and visible identification all while being easy to cut to size and update.

Welcome reliability with the tough and aggressive material in which Step and Store’s Labels, Stickers & Pockets are made. Our Floor Signals are made to withstand any amount of traffic with Tough PVC and permanent adhesives.


How are the products applied?

Step and Store’s range of Labels, Stickers & Pockets mostly allow you the choice between magnetic or self-adhesive backing such as our Label Holders or Industrial Strength Clear Pockets.

How many different Floor Graphic Markers are available?

32 different variations are available. Designed to highlight any warning or special requirement.

Can I order special sizes?

Yes, special sizes can be supplied on request for our range of Label Holders.

What colours are available?

Customization is vital in Step and Store’s range of Labels, Stickers & Pockets. Blue, red, green, yellow, black and white are available for the majority of our products.