High-quality adjustable pallet racking solutions for all warehouse spaces. Simple and quick to install, our pallet racking systems have a weight capacity up to 2000kg and come in different decking sizes. We can supply beams, frames, frame ends, and protection kits.

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Step and Store’s range of Racking allows for the safe keeping of materials through an organised storage structure - most often on horizontal rows and on multiple levels. Suitable for use with forklifts and mainly warehouse spaces. Our selection works with a range of sizes and capacities - with racking protection also available.

The Benefits

Optimise space, improve organisation and maintain safety standards with Step and Store’s racking. This robust structure can help you store vertically and in bulk - saving floor space by reducing the amount of aisles needed to reach the product with the added ability to be configured to suit your exact layout.

Racking Uses

Our range of Racking solutions work within any warehouse space, factories and shops.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Racking can fit any requirement.

Have added durability with Step and Store’s range of Racking Protection. Designed to provide all-round defence with U / L and barrier shaped protectors, which can fit the front, back and sides of any racking.

Tailor to your needs with endless configurations available with our Pallet Racking and Pallet Racking Kits that work to create your ideal layout. Or have the option of timber or wire decking, fork spaces and pallet support bars with Step and Store’s Pallet Racking Accessories.

Utilise the strong ‘Z’ profile beam design of Step and Store’s Longspan Racking - capable of supporting up to 5000kgs of weight per bay and 950kgs for each shelf. All fitted with sturdy chipboard decking that holds up well under pressure.


How much weight can they hold?

Details on both the shelf and bay capacity are available with Step and Store’s racking selection. With the max bay capacity of our Pallet Racking at an impressive 11000kgs and a shelf capacity of up to 3790kgs. Our Longspan Racking has a bay capacity of 5000kgs and shelf capacity of 950kgs.

While our Pallet Racking Kits have a loading capacity of 3180kgs per level.

What pallets are suitable for Step and Store’s Pallet Racking kits?

Our Pallet Racking and Pallet Racking Kits suit both UK and EU pallets.

Are bespoke options available?

Yes, if you don’t see the right solution with our Pallet Racking. Get in touch with Step and Store to plan your ideal layout.

What types of wheels do they use?

Blue uprights and orange beams make up our Longspan Racking. With the rest of our range made with a yellow epoxy finish.