Storage Cabinets

Storage Cabinets

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Storage Cabinets

Step and Store’s range of Storage Cabinets provide a space to house and protect a variety of different items such as equipment, clothing and personal belongings.

The Benefits

Durable exteriors and adjustable interiors allow you to create the perfect piece of storage to suit your needs. Available in a range of sizes, colours and properties so your unit can perfectly fit and blend in with any desired space - all made with lockable doors for added security and privacy.

Storage Cabinet Uses

Our range of Storage Cabinets have a multitude of uses; suitable for workshops, schools and offices: any business or premises that require a range of versatile storage solutions.

Our Range

Step and Store’s Storage Cabinets can fit any requirement.

Improve visibility and ventilation for your products with Step and Store’s range of Mesh Door Cabinets. Fully secured, with lockable doors, a strong steel construction and available in a range of sizes, including a space-saving Sliding Door option.

Maintain hygienic conditions with the anti-bacterial powder coating of our Elite Extra Wide Cabinets - ideal for storing a range of workwear. Our Stainless Steel Cabinet’s easy to clean surface is a must-have in the food and drinks industry.

Communicate clearly with the identification labelling included with Step and Store’s First Aid and PPE Cabinets. A Simple yet universal design that can instantly communicate the contents of your storage and save valuable time, or stand out with our range of colourful Mesh Door Cabinets - with up to seven different colour choices.


What material are they made from?

Step and Store’s range of Storage Cabinets are manufactured from Stainless Steel or a strong 20swg steel construction and powder coated finish.

How much weight can they hold?

Our Storage cabinets can hold a range of different weights, with our Elite Extra Wide Cabinets housing a shelf capacity of 60kgs. Whereas our CB Cupboards have a maximum storage capacity of 250kgs per cabinet.

What are CB Cupboards?

Our CB Cupboards are constructed to imperial sizes and are designed to combine with existing units.

Can they be locked?

Yes, our entire range of Storage Cabinets has a 2 rod locking top and bottom system and is supplied with 2 keys.

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes, our entire range has adjustable shelving for tailored storage.

What colours are available?

Our Elite Extra Wide, Polycarbonate and Mesh Cabinets have a variety of door colours, from green, blue, red, yellow, black, dark and light grey.