Steel Bin Cabinets

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Steel Bin Cabinets

Step and Store’s range of Steel Bin Cabinets are ideal for the storage and organization of smaller items such as picking systems for warehouses. We offer a variety of compartment sizes, shelf types and colours so you can find the best fit for your business.

The Benefits

Long lasting and low maintenance. The strong and durable steel used in our range of cabinets make them the ultimate storage choice for industrial environments. Their column and rows structure allows for efficient organisation while also being easy to clean and restock.

Steel Bin Cabinet Uses

Our range of Steel Bin Cabinets have a multitude of uses; suitable for warehouses and workshops, or any industrial premises that require a durable storage solution.

Our Range

Step and Store’s Storage Cabinets can fit any requirement.

Find the right fit as our range of Steel Bin Cabinets offer up to 12 different compartment sizes to choose from. With up to an impressive 72 different compartments or look to store larger items with our spacious 8 Bin Cabinet. All of equal size and aligned for easy organization.

Tailor your storage further with our choice of shelf profiles. Step and Store’s Steel Bin Cabinets provide three variations - dished, flush and lipped, which allow you to increase protection or prioritize easy handling.

Save time as Step and Store’s Steel Bin Cabinets are supplied complete and fully assembled - ready for immediate use. With optional extras also available such as our Twin Steel Doors for extra protection and durability, suitable for our entire range.


How many bin configurations are available?

Up to 12 different bin combinations are available with Step and Store’s Steel Bin Cabinets.

How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Steel bins have a range of capacities with our 6 Bins across option able to hold up to 60kg per shelf and 10kg per bin. While our 1 Bin across option has a maximum of 30kg per shelf and 30kg bin capacity.

What are their dimensions?

Our Steel Bins Cabinets have a maximum height of 1820mm and width of 942mm. With up to 3 different depths available for each cabinet.

What colours are available?

Our range of Steel Bin Cabinets are powder coated in green, blue, red and grey.