Hazardous Cabinets

Storing and handling chemicals and liquids can be one of the most dangerous aspects of your business. Therefore any business which has a requirement to store potentially hazardous substances or flammable liquids must comply with Coshh cabinets regulation- Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002. 

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Hazardous Cabinets

Step and Store’s Hazardous Cabinets are suitable for containing a wide range of hazardous materials, such as flammable, toxic or corrosive substances. A reinforced structure and clever design features, such as vents and sumps, create an ideal environment for managing harmful liquids or gases.

The Benefits

The strong steel construction of our Hazardous Cabinets keeps harmful substances in, while their lockable doors keep those unauthorised out. Specialised shelves, ventilation features, warning stickers, a wide range of sizes, and other optional extras can help you tailor the perfect cabinet system for maintaining a safe environment.

Hazardous Cabinet Uses

Our range of Hazardous Cabinets have a multitude of uses; suitable for laboratoires, workshops, industrial and teaching environments.

Our Range

Step and Store’s Hazardous Cabinets can fit any requirement.

Keep hazardous materials safe and secure as Step and Store’s cabinets are flame resistant, with reinforced doors and made of a strong welded steel construction. Complete with lockable doors, it’s lever lock handles provide easy grip - with 2 sets of keys available.

Expertly manage gases and leaks with the specialised features available with our Pesticide and Chemical Cabinets. Their built-in door vents prevent fumes build-up, while their punched trays and removable sumps (available with our entire range of Hazardous Cabinets) are vital for containing any spills.

Create an aware and informed environment with the clear and eye-catching labelling available with Step and Store’s Hazardous Cabinets. These warning stickers when used alongside the bright/strong colours of our cabinet range can easily help others stay alert and mindful of any harmful substances around them.


Which safety requirements do they meet?

Highly Flammable and Liquefied Petroleum Gases Regulations 1972 (Section 5 Part D).

The Health and Safety Executive Guide HS(G)51 1990

Factory Inspectorate Certificate of Approval No 1 Parts 3 and 4

What material are they made from?

Step and Store’s range of Hazardous Cabinets are made with a strong welded 20swg steel or Stainless Steel construction.

How much weight can they hold?

Our Hazardous Cabinets have a shelf capacity of 35kgs and a maximum 250kgs per cabinet. With the option to upgrade to a shelf capacity of 80kgs and a maximum 400kgs per cabinet.

How many sizes are there?

We offer up to 12 different sizes for our range of Hazardous cabinets to help you find the right fit.

Are warning stickers included?

Yes, tailored warning stickers do come with Step and Store’s range of Hazardous Cabinets.

Are there any accessories available?

Cabinet stands are available as optional extras for different sized cabinets, as well as additional shelves.

What colours are available?

Our Hazardous Cabinets come in a range of bright and distinctive colours that help to distinguish different hazardous materials:

Acid - whiite
Coshh - light grey
Flammable - yellow or dark grey
Pesticide/chemical - green or red