Hazardous Cabinets

Storing and handling chemicals and liquids can be one of the most dangerous aspects of your business. Therefore any business which has a requirement to store potentially hazardous substances or flammable liquids must comply with Coshh cabinets regulation- Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002. 

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Incompatible chemicals must be kept separately to reduce the risk of accidental breakage within the laboratory, warehouse, school or retail space. Storing cleaning products, flammable liquids and specialist solvents within your workplace requires Coshh regulated cabinets. But often, choosing the right cabinet for the correct chemicals and substances can be confusing if you are not familiar with the Coshh principle guide regulations and storage colour code.

Flammable - Yellow/ Dark Grey The most common and universally accepted cabinet colour, yellow indicates the presence of flammable liquids. Flammable safety storage cabinets are one of many liquid storage solutions offered by Step and Store. The cabinets use double wall steel construction to provide a structurally secure location for hazardous materials often used in warehouses and facilities in any industry.

Coshh - Light Grey Coshh cabinets are more commonly known for the control of hazardous substances that can affect your health. The Light Grey cabinets are used to store harmful substances including gases, nanotechnology and fumes.

Acid & Alkali - White Whether using acids, bases or solvents, it is critical that incompatible liquids are segregated to avoid disastrous explosions or fire. Special care should be taken when storing acids and alkalis to avoid mixing together materials which are not compatible and could cause a dangerous reaction.

Pesticides - Red / Green The main difference between Agrochemical & Pesticide cabinets is that all doors are vented to allow for the escape of any hazardous gases. The green and red cabinets store materials that could generate harmful gases as part of being stored. The ventilation ensures there isn't a dangerous build up inside the cabinet.



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