Plastic Containers

A wide range of Plastic Container Systems from bin trolleys to tray racks, ideal for your workshop, office, factory and more.

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Plastic Containers

Step and Store’s range of Plastic Containers provide reusable storage and distribution for a variety of products. Available in euro sizes, bin drawers and stackable containers with a range of lid options and colours. For Plastic Containers Systems - click here.

The Benefits

One material fits all as Step and Store’s Plastic Containers offer a lightweight, durable and flexible solution for transporting a range of items - from fresh produce to office supplies and heavy duty equipment. Their easy to clean surface makes them an ideal choice for industries that require high levels of hygiene and their stackable capabilities can help save you the most space. Our products have the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint by minimising the amount of packaging needed.

Plastic Container Uses

Our range of Plastic Containers have a multitude of uses; suitable for warehouses, offices and supermarkets - any premises that require containment units for storage and distribution.

Our Range

Step and Store’s wide selection of Plastic Containers can fit any requirement.

Save up to 80% of space with Step and Store’s Reusable Folding Distribution Euro Containers. Fold flat as well as stackable both folded or open and manufactured with a lightweight and re-usable material. Our Stack Nest Containers whose clever design allows for stacking on a 180 degree angle.

Keep your items safe and secure with our range of Plastic Containers - designed to be strong, flexible and robust. With our Euro Stacking Solid Basicline Containers going the extra step being cold and heat resistant. Tamper Evident Security Seals are available to provide additional protection.

Uphold hygiene standards within the food and drink industry with Step and Store’s Attached Lid Containers. Available in easy to clean, food grade polypropylene, one of the safest materials for food contact While our Bale Arm Container’s ventilated design promotes good air circulation, making them ideal for transporting fresh produce.

Improve organisation in your workplace with our range of Bin Containers. Simple, effective and available in a range of colours, our Semi-open Fronted Containers can be used with louvre panels, cabinets and shelving systems. Our Multi Drawer Professional & Basic cabinets offer a range of storage options at an industrial standard.


What materials are they made from?

Different forms of Polypropylene make up the majority of our Plastic Containers - a strong yet flexible material that is highly resistant to corrosive entities. Our range of Attached Lid Containers offer recyclable and food grade variations.

Are there any accessories available?

Yes, multiple dollies, drop-on-lids, dividers and label holders and tamper evident security seals are available with a range of our products.

Are Euro sizes available?

Yes, our Euro Containers category contains multiple products all available in Euro Sizes.

How much capacity can they hold?

A variety of capacities are available with both our Euro Stacking Containers. From a maximum of 64.5 litres with our Stackable Euro Cases and Solid Basicline Range. Up to 126 litres can be held with our Attached Lid Containers - also available with our Multi-Trip Container Trolley.

Step and Store’s Eco-Rax TC Bin Kits have a shelf capacity of 265kg and our 180 Stack Nest Containers have a capacity of 50 litres.

What types of lids are there?

Stackable options with both lids and no lids are available. Our Stackable Euro Cases are made with hinged lids and snap locks.

What colours are available?

A wide variety of colours are available, from red, blue, green, yellow and black for our Semi-Open Fronted Containers and a smart light grey for our Euro Stacking Containers.

Up to six different colours are available with our Attached Lid Containers.