Our practical work desks are ideal for workshops and factories for writing, planning, drawing and instructing. With lockable shelves and drawers, these steel constructed work desks have added security and are ideal for storing tools, writing materials, folders and more. Keeping workshops tidy and organised.

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Step and Store’s range of Workdesks offer versatile storage solutions for tight spaces. Fix them on the wall, floor and even move them around with you, while accessing their range of compartments. From lockable drawers and cupboards to an open working surface. Create an area to work and store all in one place.

The Benefits

Make the most of your space with our range of Workdesks. Available in different shapes, colours and properties to tailor for your storage needs with any nook and cranny now made useful again. Using it as storage or a place to work, it’s standing design is shown to improve health by keeping you moving, reducing back pain and improving posture.

Workdesk Uses

Our range of Workdesks our ideal in offices, schools and warehouses. Any small space can be transformed into a working and storage station.

Our Range

Step and Store’s selection of Workdesks can fit any requirement.

Find the perfect fit for your space with Step and Store’s wall, floor and mobile workdesk options. With a freestanding frame or cupboard base available with all floor units. Each unit is available with different storage options.

Store in style with Step and Store’s range of workdesk finishes including safety orange and blue epoxy of our Euro Desks and the space saving sloping top of our light grey epoxy range. Both made with a sleek wood-front edge strip.


What materials are they made of?

Built with quality materials, our range Workdesks are made with all steel construction. With a sleek wood edge strip added to our Euro Workdesk Range.

Are the cupboards and shelves lockable?

Yes, our entire range of workdesks are lockable and supplied with keys. Our Foreman’s Desk even has separate keys for it’s cupboard and drawer.

What colours are available?

Step and Store’s range of Euro Workdesks are made with a safety blue and orange epoxy finish. While a grey epoxy is used on our Mounted Workdesks and Workshop Desks and blue draws making up our Foreman’s Desk.

Are wall units an option?

Yes, both our Workdesk and Workshop range have a wall unit option available, and are both complete with wall brackets.

What storage options are available?

A wide range of storage options are available with Step and Store’s Workdesks. Making them ideal to fit any purpose:

Sloping & flat working surfaces