Heavy Duty Workbenches

Our Heavy Duty Workbenches are manufactured from robust fully welded steel and come in a range of widths, heights and worktops to suit your needs.

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Heavy Duty Workbenches

Step and Store’s range of Heavy Duty Workbenches are the ideal solution for needing a workstation that can withstand demanding use. Designed to balance a work area and storage space - our selection of workbenches allow any small area to be transformed into a productivity hub in carrying out your work.

The Benefits

A place to work and a place to store all in one. With Step and Store’s Heavy Duty Workbenches providing ample options into tailoring these two features to your exact needs. Make use of any space whether it’s down below or up on the walls. A place to charge, or hang your tools and most importantly a space that is safe for you.

Workbench Uses

Our range of Heavy Duty Workbenches have a multitude of uses; ideal for any workspace or workshop in need of a resilient workbench capable of handling a tough environment.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse range of Heavy Duty Workbenches can fit any requirement.

Up to seven different worktop options from stainless steel to chipboard. Find the right fit with our Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Square Tube workbenches available in nine different sizes.

Step and Store’s Rivet Workbench is supplied flat pack for easy on-site assembly alongside an impressive 600kg capacity. Our Heavy Duty Square Tube Workbench includes a mobile option for easy transport, or upgrade your bench to match your needs with our Infinite Modular Bench System - designed to house a multitude of combinations.

There’s also a wide range of accessories available with above and below bench additions. From adding extra storage, a lower shelf and charging ports. With our Stainless Steel Workbench offering a sliding cupboard option or make use of a vice plate with our Extra Heavy Duty Workbench.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Stainless Steel, Square Tube and Heavy Duty Workbenches all have a maximum capacity of 450kg. While our Infinite Modular Workbench system has an impressive 1000kg maximum capacity.

What worktop surfaces are available?

Our range of Heavy Duty Workbenches come with a wide range of worktop options:

Steel | Stainless Steel | MDF | Lino | Laminate

With all five options available with our Square Tube, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Workbenches.

Chipboard and MFC worktops are available with Step and Store’s Rivet Workbench.

What thickness are the worktops?

Step and Store’s MDF, MFC and Chipboard Worktops are 18mm thick. Our Laminate and Lino options are 20mm thick. There’s a choice of 1.2mm or 20mm thickness with Stainless Steel.

Are workbench accessories an option?

Above and below bench accessories are both available with Step and Store’s range of Heavy Duty Workbenches. Choose from cupboards & drawers that sit below or an entire lower shelf. Or make use of retaining skirts and service ducts up top.

Our Square Tube Workbench can be fitted with a louvre and/or tool panel, fluorescent lighting and up to four service ducts.

What gives the Infinite Modular Workbench it’s name?

Designed to be assembled in a multitude of ways. Step and Store’s Infinite Modular Workbench system has a range of extension bench options. Allowing your workstation to be configured to suit your needs exactly.