We stock an assorted selection of workbenches suitable for use in garages, workshops, or industrial settings where a working surface and tool storage is required. Our range includes heavy duty, mobile, stainless steel, folding, cantilever frame, antistatic, cupboard, and easy order workbenches.

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Step and Store’s range of Workbenches provide a work area and storage space that can fit with a variety of different areas and industries. We offer medium duty, heavy duty and easy order options so you can craft the perfect workstation.

The Benefits

Tailor your workspace to suit your exact needs as Step and Store’s Workbenches are available with up to seven different worktop types, a range of sizes and additional accessories. Our hardwearing and ergonomic construction is designed to take the strain, while always providing a handy place to get to work.

Workbench Uses

Our range of Workbenches have a multitude of uses; ideal for any workspace or workshop in need of a complete workbench, especially in heavy-duty industrial spaces.

Our Range

Step and Store’s diverse range of Medium Duty Workbenches can fit any requirement.

Combine versatility and durability with Step and Store’s Infinite Modular Workbench, available with our heavy duty range. This workbench can be configured in a multitude of ways with a variety of extension benches allowing you to create the ideal workstation that's sure to last.

Save time with Step and Store’s Easy Order Workbenches. True to their name, this range reduces the hassle of searching through and deciding on each extra; instead we take our most popular workbenches and our most vital accessories and combine them into nine varied options.

Reduce the risk when working with electrical appliances, as we offer Anti-Static versions of our Medium Duty Cantilever and Square Tube Workbenches, which provide protection by controlling static with their conductive or static dissipative work surfaces. We also offer optional anti-static extras such as matting, signage, conductive chairs, wrist straps, cords and plugs.


How much weight can they hold?

Step and Store’s Medium Duty and Easy Order Workbenches have a maximum capacity of 300kg. Our range of Heavy Duty Workbenches can hold up to 450kg and 750kg of weight, with our Infinite Modular Workbench System capable of holding up to an impressive 1000kg of weight.

What worktop surfaces are available?

Our range of workbenches come with a wide range of worktop options:

Steel | Stainless Steel | MDF | Lino | Laminate

Chipboard and MFC worktops are available with our Packing Workstations.

What thickness are the worktops?

Step and Store’s MDF, MFC and Chipboard Worktops are 18mm thick. Our Laminate and Lino options are 20mm thick. There’s a choice of 1.2mm or 20mm thickness with Stainless Steel.

Are workbench accessories an option?

Above and below bench accessories are both available with Step and Store’s range of Workbenches. Choose from cupboards and drawers that sit below or an entire lower shelf. Or make use of retaining skirts and service ducts up top.

Specialised anti-static accessories are also available for our Antistatic Cantilever and Square Tube Workbenches.